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This Part Is Dedicated To The Gracious Wolves

Below is some info and Pictures of Wolves.Personaly I think wolves are beautiful and magestic. Wolf Facts General Facts -Wolves have no natural predators except people. -Wolves can cover extremely large distances and have been known to travel up to 15 km (about 9 mi) a day. -A typical wolf pack may have a range of up to 130 sq km (50 sq mi) of territory. Wolf Behavior Facts -Wolves are social animals that depend on each other for food and protection. -A wolf pack, which will tend to stay together, can vary in number from a pair of animals to 10 wolves. Adult wolves share responsibility for caring for young. -Wolves are generally afraid of people and avoid contact with them. -Wolves can kill animals that are quite large, usually by isolating a weak or young animal, and chasing and attacking it in a group. -Canadian wolves generally prey on elk. -Normally, wolves consume everything they kill. Other predators or scavengers will quickly consume a dead animal, making it difficult to determine a cause of death.

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