"The Hawkeye Filming Location"

Concession 3, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

View south, across Ganatsekiagon Creek which was dammed
up in 1957 to create the pond used in all the canoe scenes.

View NW up Ganatsekiagon Creek from the high overpass on
Concession 3. The overpass didn't exist in the 1950's.

Modern view looking SE towards Lake Ontario where
Arthur Gottlieb's farmhouse once stood.

View south from the hydro lines at the top end of Valley
Farm Rd, towards Gottlieb's field, where the fort once stood.

View NE up Ganatsekiagon Creek, across the former pond,
toward where the boulder and Indian village were located.

Looking south across the pond towards Concession 3,
which then sloped down the hill and ended at the creek.

Looking north at the boulder which was seen in many episodes.

Exact same boulder as it looked in 1957.

Indian village on the pond as seen in the episode "Snake Tatoo".

The fort as seen in the episode "The Delaware Hoax".

View across the pond toward the forested area where a real
Indian burial ground was found years after the show was shot.
Photo from "The Delaware Hoax" episode.

2 Indians with pond and Concession 3 in the
background from the episode "Snake Tatoo".

Looking south at the boulder with creek in the background.

The boulder as seen in the episode "Stubborn Pioneer".

1960 aerial map of the filming location.
A -Pond on Ganatsekiagon Creek
B -Forest where many backwoods scenes were shot & the actual Indian burial ground
C -Location of the fort
D -Cast & crew parking lot on Concession 3
E -Valley Farm Road
F -Brock Road

A 2006 street map of the same general area as the 1960's map.


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