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  Old Joe’s Shoe is a punk/ska band from Omaha, Nebraska. Right now there are 5 members, J.R. (guitar), Ryan (guitar), Dennis (drums), Joe (bass), and John (trumpet). We got together about a year ago, at the beginning of that school year, when Joe came up to Dennis and said, “Hey, let’s start a band.” Dennis agreed and they started lookin for a guitarist. Joe had been learning guitar then, but dropped it for bass, since it was easier. One day, when Dennis was at Joe’s house, J.R. showed up with his guitar and amp, and started playing. So we asked him to play guitar for us. So that was the band, guitar, drums, and bass. Dennis’ drumset was missing a few parts so they needed to use someone else’s set to practice on. So we asked a couple of friends who had started their own band if they could practice with them. We practiced with them for a long time, usually having to sit through endless tries to cover Smells Like Teen Spirit. Finally, Dennis got all his parts. and they moved to Joe’s basement.
  One day at school, Joe came up to Dennis again. “Hey dude! I found a guy who plays trumpet and wants to be in our band!” The kid’s name was Darryl, and he joined the band. That was OJS’s first mistake. Darryl never even played trumpet at the practices. He just sat there watching us practice. We kicked Darryl out, but never told him. Then Dennis came to Joe. “Hey I know someone who plays trombone. Let’s get him.” And Rolando joined the band. We eventually found a worthwhile trumpet player, John. And that was OJS.
   We entered the school talent show, almost caused a riot, and won first place. The school asked us if we could play at MORP, which is like the backwards prom or somethin. We did, and that day, Ryan came up to us asked if he could join the band. We let him play a few songs during MORP, and then let him join. So now OJS had six members. We played our first real show at a place called Area 51. It went pretty good. We played a second show there which was just horrible. We screwed up real bad at that one, especially when we tried to cover Minor Threat. Area 51 closed down cause some assholes kept leaving all their trash in the parking lot, so we had nowhere to play. Then a place called the Cog Factory asked us to play, and we’ve played a lot of shows there. Then, we entered the Battle of the Bands at our school. We found a goofy ass kid named Dave to be our new singer, but during that show, he just ran around and got the excited the crowd since he didn’t know our words yet. About a week before the Battle of the Bands though, we kicked out trombone player out, for too many reasons than we care to list. We lost the Battle of the Bands to a band we beat at the Talent Show. But we scored a free prize which we wont say, cause we’ll probably get in trouble. Then we played a show at the Cog Factory with Dave, which went all right. Then a place called the Ranch Bowl, which just kicks ass, asked us to play. There weren’t too many people at that show, but it was an awesome show, especially since the sound guy set up an awesome sound system for us. We could actually hear everything at one time. That’s been our last show, since this summer we’ve been trying to make newer, better material. We have a demo that we recorded before Area 51 closed down. It has five songs on it, and we ordered a 100 tapes and sold them all for 4 bucks a piece. We ordered some more, and this time they were even shrink wrapped, and we have a few left, so if you want some, you can email us at, or We are tryin to find a place to record another demo with our newer stuff on it, so you can either wait for that or just order our older demo

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