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Goldberg Poll
Who do you think should be Champion?

Kevin Nash
Ric Flair

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Vote on the poll please.It would help me determine what to put on the site. Thanks.

Updates   on   GOLDBERG

Now at Starcade Goldberg will take on the winner of WW3. He will easily wreck anyone who wins. He had no problems with DDP. Goldberg is looking in his best wrestling form ever. Let my friend and I who you think can beat Goldberg in the poll above. Also answer the trivia at right. Thanks. Webmaster Aaron and Rocco

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Trivia Questions

Every week my friend and I will be posting trivia questions for you to answer and email us the answer. The questions will either be about WWF or WCW. To answer click on the email link below and write in your answer.

This weeks question is: What year did Stone Cold Steve Austin begin his wrestling career?

Aaron Dubauskas & Rocco Ranaudo
Watertown, CT
United States

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