Mac Loaf's Gym - the "Offical" Story

During September 1996, an amateur Light-Heavyweight called Mac Loaf became dismayed by some of the poor tactics he saw in the professional leagues of the TBG. Despite his obvious potential as a young boxer, he decided temporarily put his career on hold, and became one of the youngest managers.

Using his connections, he recruited three up-and-coming boxers, and began to hone his exhaustive scouting and strategy-building abilities.

The rest as they say is history, with Mac Loaf establishing himself as former Regional Champ in the U.K., and his potential beginning to shine on the world stage there is no end in sight of honours yet.

The gym was founded in Southampton (just behind a curry shop and nearby a local pub), was relocated to utilise upgraded facilities in Cardiff in September 1999. It is packed with the latest equipment and advanced fitness and analysis machines.

The gym is administered from Mac Loaf's home just off the South Downs near Lewes in Sussex, U.K. Tapes of opponents are constantly checked and re-checked for weakness with ruthless accuracy. It has taken Mac Loaf and his gym time to find a good routine, but now more success, to add to Mac Loaf's own victories, including two U.K. Regional Lightweight titles, is but a small step away.

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