My Fighters:


Arnold J. Rimmer becoming the #3 Flyweight in the World! - my highest placing yet!

Arnold J. Rimmer reaching a rating of 14 - my highest rating yet!

Being selected as England Captain for the EKO World Cup 2000

"Basher" Lemming going 6 wins out of 6 at the start of his career - he may have lost some bouts now, but he's still fighting!

Mac Loaf winning my 1st Regional Title!

'Tin Can' Sally reaching a rating of 13!

'Targa's Pet' Monster reaching a rating of 13!

'Mac III' reaching a rating a 11 - my highest yet for a slugger!

Mac IV winning my 1st Regional Heavyweight Title!

The Clone, a fighter based upon my rl stats winning the Light-Heavy Regional Title!

Counterspell getting away with the most lame fight-plan ever, and actually getting a Regional Title Shot!

The Most Annoying 'Ewok' In The World... Ever!! beating the sadly misplaced Toby Jugg and ending up 'doesn't want to stop fighting', whilst his opponent was 'can't remember which corner is his'. Ow!

'Targa's Pet' Monster achieving a Round 1 KO victory against Wei Yan - my guy's a 6'8" Dancer for goodness sakes!

Low Points:

Return Of The Mac (now dumped) losing his only point of AGL, leading to infinite damage every round - they don't make the game like that any more!

Axe-Man John losing a very early fight to brick - managed by a friend of mine. Not only did one bad character in the FP lose an otherwise winnable fight, but I had to endure the mickey-tacking for weeks!

The Evil Cloned Brother Of Baron Snozz with an ill-advised allout ending his career. Can you say 3 APs lost at once, 2 of AGL!

Mac IV losing the Regional Heavyweight Title at his 1st defence - doh!

Mis-setting my Endurance Conditional for The Clone's 2nd defence of his Regional Title; setting up an allout vs. allout, which hurt!

Giving "Bernard" Warrior Programmer the wrong FP for his first couple of fights. Once sorted, he went on to become a Regional Champ!

The Future:

More to come...

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