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Trandosite - A SWCCG Website

I must confess to a slight bias with regard to Trandosite, seeing as how I used to share a student house with Trando's brother, and have met him upon many occassions. This should not detract however from the fact that he has built a superb site.

I can recall seeing Trando's first attempt at a Web-Site, before it became Trandosite, and to be honest it was obvious that it was his first attempt at Web-Page building. It is a testament to him and the hard work and enthusiasm put in that Trandosite so quickly took on the superb form it enjoys today.

There are many good points about Trandosite. Firstly, it is regularly updated, which is a vital part of keeping people interested. The News section might not always knock you off your feet with a ground-breaking exclusive, but it does let you know that the author is still alive and playing the game. It is good to have reports of important errata, incidents, etc as and when they happen.

A second important feature is the fact that Trandosite is a site for players. It contains as mentioned, the latest news (v. important for errata, etc.), tournament reports (always fun and often useful to read), articles upon various issues within the game, and also a very good deck system, grading decks according to skill level.

However, Trandosite is not perfect. In order to maintain such a rich, up-to-date environment, all the links on Trandosite are not always in full working order. Also, some sections appear confused, mostly being the old ones which have become shunted onto the back-burner in some way. This is a shame, as many of them are still relevant and great fun.

Overall, a good job. Trando deserves to be applauded for maintaining such a relevant and full SWCCG page.




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