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Abyssin's Ratings System

Let me explain how I rate the sites. I have no mathematical tally system, where I add up how many updates, multiplied by X number of decks on site, and so on. I go by my own gut feelings with regard to the site. Then I rate the site on a scale of 1 to 7 - loosely based upon the ability given to characters in the game itself.

Number CCG Evaluation PotF Meaning
0 Droid or Inanimate Object. Dreadful! The lowest of the low. A new-born bantha could write better.
1 Average Character - alive. Not sparkling. There are better sites to look at.
2 Better than average, but still not fully aware of the Force. Adequate. Worth the odd visit if you like the author's style.
3 Force-Attuned. This character is not aware of the Force, but will often have insticts and gut-feelings in excess of normal odds. Not bad. With a decent 'hook' worthy of occassional visits.
4 Force-Sensitive. Aware of the Force, this character has limited ability, but possible potential. Good. This site has many good points despite flaws.
5 Force-Sensitive. Similar to Ability 4 characters, but with limited training. A potential Jedi... Quite Good. Visiting this site will not be a waste of time. Definitely worth revisiting.
6 Jedi Knight. Trained in the Force. Very good. It is worth re-visiting often, as this site is full of good, up-to-date information.
7 Jedi Master. A perfect site, without any flaws or bad features. Superb. yet to be found.




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