The Storm

(instrumental only)
[ *** Interesting (!) Note *** ]

There have, it appears been two different versions of 'Bad For Good', on which the track order was changed. My CD copy is a re-release version from which these lyrics were taken.
As such, my copy has 'The Storm' down as the last track, and 'Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through' as track 5. To the best of my my knowledge, the LP contained the same track order as for the rest of the tracks, but the EP contained 'The Storm' and Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through'
'The Storm' was subtitled, 'Prologue to the Album Bad For Good', and 'Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through' as 'Epilogue to the album Bad For Good'. As such, the re-released CD copy appears to be a mix of the LP + EP. The order the tracks are listed in here is the order they appear on my CD, but playing it in the order of 10, 1-4, 6-9, 5 works better.
Still with me? More than I am...
Besides, these are semantics. I think I'll stop writing this and go and listen to the album again. :-)