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Coming Soon

These are forthcoming projects for Powerboost Software. There is no guarantee as to when or if they will be available. Also, they may well appear in a radically altered form. This page reflects a rough cut of ideas for possible projects.

Turbo Cricket 2 - Second Innings

The sequel to the successful Turbo Cricket. Building on the strengths of the original, this newly designed game provides greater customisation, faster and more dynamic statistics viewing, easier team creation/editing and better scheduling.

Turbo Cricket 2 - Second Innings will provide a far more user-friendly Windows Interface to the game, and a faster more stable game Engine. If you liked Turbo Cricket, then you'll love Turbo Cricket 2 - Second Innings.

Powerboost Braniac

Simple Quiz creation/running program. Great for those Pub/Church Hall Quizes.

Powerboost Fantastic Manager

Create your own Fantasy Football type competitions. Be it Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball or... Wellington Boot Throwing Leagues - the only limit is your imagination.

Turbo Soccer

Standalone version of the Association Football Management Simulation I wrote for my MSc. Project.

Five Star Tennis Ladder

Wimbledon might be long gone, but you (and friends in Multiplayer) can still watch a Tennis Ladder play out over many years. No Rain Stopped Play!

Alien Attack

Simple Arcade Action game - chase the Alien ship(s) and destroy them to save the world.

Flow On

Crazy Puzzle Action. Guide the Ooze through the pipes to the end of the level... if you can!

"Dr. Apocalypse"

Working Title Name only. Customisable simple adventure game. Train up your party, then guide them through perilous missions.


Working Title Name only. Customisable text based adventures borrowing heavily from MUDs. How well can you do?