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News Updated 4th January, 2001.

4th January, 2001.

The issues with Tripod (my WebHost) seem to have been resolved. It now appears to be possible to download Games and Applications using Internet Explorer. If there are any more problems, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Whilst Netscape Navigator remains the browser of choice for the Powerboost Software WebSite (and was not affected by the recent problems), we do acknowledge the need to allow access to the broad market. As such I have now tested (viewed the page, and downloaded) with Netscape Navigator 4.72, Internet Explorer 5.5, Mozilla 5.0 (Seamonkey) and Opera 4.01.

18th November, 2000.

New Site Launched. Powerboost Software WebSite is now separate from my personal WebSite.

Updated versions of Games and Applications:

  • BlastIt
  • Damocles
  • Hard As Nails
  • Legend
  • Oscar Night
  • Race Game 6
  • Turbo Cricket


  • Powerboost Genie

    Most exciting of all is the final version of Turbo Cricket (v1.4). Many, many bug-fixes have taken place, which should provide the definitive version. Work on Turbo Cricket 2 - Second Innings is now under way.