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Legend - About The Game

The Dreadnaught sits in the centre of the mysterious Catacoombs on the planet of Asperhylon. Your home. Its tyrannical rule extends to nearly every aspect of life. Personal freedoms hardly exist, and the economy is dead. The farming industry has been scaled down to only supply 50% of the population - a radical form of natural selection. Automated defence systems ruthlessly crush any sign of protest. Only in underground society can rebellion survive.

You are the leader of one of these underground societies. You and your followers have decided to embark upon one final assault. Gaining access through the Mines, you will cause a rock-fall to prevent any defences following.

Send your soldiers, deeper into the Catacoombs, using advanced technology to protect themselves. The deeper into the unexplored Catacoombs, the more opportunities arise, but the dangers also increase. Finally, you can assault the Dreadnaught... if you dare.

Can you pull off the impossible mission, and become a Legend.

Legend is FreeWare, and requires Windows 95 or higher.