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Hard As Nails - About The Game

The year is 2200, and the top sport in the Universe is Strongball - a futuristic frenzy of epic proportions. Can you rise to become of its top stars?

In this game, you don't manage the team or deal with unreasonable players. Here, you play as yourself, out to become the best Centre Forward the world of Strongball has ever seen. The players at the very top have everything. How close will you get.

Enjoy a fully comprehensive universe, as 60 teams compete in three leagues with two divisions. Every other game is modelled the same way as yours, and every Computer player has the same capacity for sucess or failure as you. Can you win the League, the Cup or even play for Earth in the Interplanetary matches?

Hone your skills on the Training Pitch. Look up your forthcoming opponents. Check out your rivals on the list of Top Scorers, and keep a close eye on your score. Do you have what it takes to get right to the top, to be as Hard As Nails?

Hard As Nails is FreeWare, and requires Windows 95 or higher.