Powerboost Genie


Keeping track of all of your Fighters, and their associated Fight Plans on The Boxing Game (TBG) can be a logistic nightmare. Also, even when you know all about your fighter, what's your best bet for defeating your next opponent? What Abilities is he likely to have? What's the best tactic to cause the most amount of damage? Questions, questions, questions...

With so many questions, unless you're a Maths Whizz with a mountain of paper and a calculator, you're going to struggle to get it anywhere near right (unless you're Nick@ or Joe Byrd).

Enter the Powerboost Genie. Manage your Fighters and Fight Plans as easily as if you were using a Word Processor. Put the information you know about your Opponent into the Powerboost Genie, and let it show you information he probably wouldn't like you to have. Discover which style maximises your attributes. Use the KO Calculator to maximise punch count or Damage. Overall, used properly the Powerboost Genie can be the ultimate assistant to the running of your Gym.

Powerboost Genie is FreeWare, and requires Windows 95 or higher.