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Damocles - About The Game

Mankind has been fighting the evil Egricams since before you were born. With their unholy empire stretching across space, their battle with man is the bloodiest struggle either race has ever seen.

You yourself fought with distinction in the war, flying fighters in the vast interstellar conflict, racking up many kills and taking part in many Black Ops. Eventually, the strain told and you retired on Medical grounds, satisfying yourself by plying a merchant trade in the safe systems.

Recently however, a worried old comrade from Black Ops has contacted you. Rumours abound that the Egricams have developed a vast new weapon, capable of destroying ships, stations and even planets. With a nearly inpenetrable cloak, it would swing the tide heavily in favour of the Egricams. However, the high command of the TDF (Terran Defence Federation) refuses to believe in the existence of this weapon, codenamed: Damocles.

In desperation your friend has lent you two top secret Probes and a secret Camera as well as a special energy bomb. You know that this weapon must exist as your friend is not one to worry about nothing. Your Probes and Camera have the latest TDF cloaking technology and should be able to detect the superweapon.

So you must search through the warzone, dodging enemy forces and pirates, as well as trading and mining the systems and staying on the right side of the law. It will not be easy, but you are mankind's last hope. Good luck!

Damocles is FreeWare, and requires Windows 95 or higher.