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Letter from Frank Wheatley to Jenny Kay Wheatley Foy

McKinney, Texas
May 10, 1934

Dear Sister:--

Sunday May 13th, will be mother [sic] day, so we don't have a mother this mother day, and I though [sic] as you have children and being a mother, I would write to you as you are next in line after I lost my mother (or course I have two other sister, but they seem like they are my children)  Wish I was albe this day to say something that would be helpful to you as I know that you are lonely to-day.  Will say that you have been a good mother and have reared a bunch of fine children and I am sure that when you pass on that these children that you leave behind will be a monument that will live on.  and they can say as we can say that we had a good mother.  May God richess [sic] blessing with you and the children is my prayer.  Tell them that I love each and ever [sic] one of them.

Yours brother

Frank Wheatley

P.S. Aunt Elma stayed all day with us to day we had a big time, we wished for you.  we are all OK.  Fay will be over Sat.  The graves Ethel and me were out this week and cleaned them off.  they sure look pretty.  With lots of love to you and all, I am.

Your brother.

You will notice that I have a mother's day stamp on this letter.


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