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Noddin Noggin
We call him "Noggin"
Triple registered MFTHBA - PSHR - CHBOA
Sired by: Harvest Gold 15'2 hands.
Dam is: Hartley's Champagne Sparkles 15'1 hands.

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Foxtrotter Champagne Stallion #1   Foxtrotter Champagne Stallion #2   Foxtrotter Champagne Stallion #3

The skin around the eyes, muzzle, and under the tail of a champagne horse
is pink or pumpkin colored; with freckles on mature horses.
Champagnes are born with blue eyes that turn amber.
You can see examples in Noggin's eyes and muzzle photos below.

Foxtrotter Champagne Stallion #4   Foxtrotter Champagne Stallion #5
Photos above taken at 2 years old in August 2003.
Photo below taken June 5, 2007
Champagne Stallion For Sale

Born April 9, 2001 - 15'3 hands

Noggin looks palomino, but he is actually a rare golden champagne.
He is a blue papered Foxtrotter stallion with natural gait and a good honest foxtrot.
He has a very sweet disposition and is eager to please.

For more information about champagne horses, visit the CHBOA and the ICHR.

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Noggin's Pedigree
You can click on some of the names in pedigree
for more info and/or photos of that horse:
Major L.
Snip's Travelin Major
Snip's First Lady
Traveler's Rebel L.
Ebony's Big Lick
Bianca L.
Danney's White Lady
SIRE: Harvest Gold
Senator's Travelin Dan
Dusty Traveler
Reeves' Sandy
Dusty's Illusion
Mack K's Star
Beauty's Rising Star
Wayne's Beauty
Missouri Traveler E.
Missouri's Ozark Traveler
Mozark Traveler
Mr. President
Flaming Dawn B.
Scarlet Rose B.
Hartley's Champagne Sparkles
Mack Knight G.F.
Mack K's Star
Son's Satellite
Beauty's Rising Star
Gold Boy
Wayne's Beauty
TWH Breed

Our stallions no longer stand at public stud.

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Located in the southeast Missouri Bootheel.
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