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Experience the freedom of flight, as many birds of the world do, and a few of us humans too! That's me, Pete, in my Wills Wing Falcon 195 soaring with the "locals", better known as hawks and eagles, over Ellenville, NY. I have always dreamed of someday being able to fly, but I never thought I would be soaring in a hang glider. It is the ultimate flight experience. To be able to ride currents of air, and venture to places limited only by your skills and Mother Nature, is a feeling that is beyond words.

Here's another photo of me practicing my landing technique on one of three available training hills. This is where time is spent developing the necessary skills to become a hang glider pilot under "controlled" conditions. It is also where I learned how to execute bullet proof launches, properly respond to nature's ever changing conditions, and end my flights with perfect landings every time. The training time was relatively short; in my case only five months, mostly on weekends. At times the work was hard, but the rewards far outweigh any of the hardship. Today I hold a Hang 4 and an Observer rating, as issued by the United States Hang Gliding Association, and have the privilege of being one of an elite few who enjoy the freedom of flight.

For more information about hang gliding, and some neat photos too, click on the sites below. Hang gliders are not the only things I fly. I'm also a licensed airplane pilot and an avid radio control enthusiast. If that's not enough, I'm also an amateur astronomer, so check out some of my model planes and astronomy images too.

More Info . . .

Want to fly?: What it takes to become and stay a pilot
The Landing Zone: Every flight has to end somewhere
Taking Lessons: The makings of a good pilot
Falcon Fly-r Column: An archive of editorials I've written for the SNYHGPA newsletter - Hawk Talk
My Log Book: Some memorable accomplishments
Still not convinced?: Check this out

Links . . .

The Fire-Fli: Collision avoidance made simple
TEK Flight Products: Hang gliding instruction, hang glider sales and accessories
Falcon XC Contest: A cross country fun-fly for pilots of all skill levels who fly Falcons
Fly High Hang Gliding: Hang gliding instruction, tandem flights, towing, hang glider sales and accessories
Hat Creek Rim: A superb site to fly in northern California
HG Photos: More hang gliding photos
RC Photos: Some of my RC aircraft past and present
Astronomy Photos: Images taken with my Meade 10" LX200, Pictor 216XT and SBIG ST-7E CCD Cameras
Blue Moon Woodcrafts: Custom crafted, hand made products for the home manufactured from select woods with elegant finishes

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