Who Killed Diana?

Top 10 Paranoid Conspiracy Theories

  1. Charles did it! Because he owns all the merchandising rights to Diana's image.
  2. Dodi Fayed is the Roswell alien who using technology from his crashed spaceship cloned a father who bought Harrods and the Ritz. Was trying to marry in to the British Royal family in the hope of getting in to the Bank of England reserves. Was eliminated by the men in black.
  3. Dodi Fayed is actually a member of a fundamentalist Islamic think tank (WWMYBW - We Will Marry Your Blond Women) which is carrying out a campaign to rich, influential European women. Diana was warned by the CIA about this but refused to accept their evidence and so was killed.
  4. There was a lone gunman on top of the tunnel.
  5. The Aum Shin Ryukio New Golden messiah is Diana.
  6. Diana REALLY pissed off the landmine manufacturers.
  7. This is retribution for Diana running over one of the Queen's corgis.
  8. Camilla Parker Bowles is Dodi Fayed's ex-girl friend. 'Nuff said!
  9. The IRA, LTTE, Hamaz (insert your favourite terrorist organization here ...) did it! Dodi was selling them weapons and they turned out to be duds.
  10. Diana isn't dead - she's hanging out with Elvis!

Second Top 10 List in the making ...

  1. Elton John is part of a secret cult which is making money out of the deaths of celebreties and he had something to do with it as can be seen by his rehashing of the "Candle in the Wind" song. (Marilyn Monroe as well as Giovanni Versace and Elvis were previous victims of the cult.)
  2. Friends of the royal family did it because they didn't want an Arab as the step father of the future king. (See Bob Waters' comments on the "What others had to say ..." page)
  3. A chapter of the Hollywood scriptwriters guild did it to create the ultimate screenplay ever written (based of course, on the life of Diana).
  4. ?

What others had to say ...

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