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Updated 07/06/05
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Hello and welcome to our butterfly gifs page.
We have searched high and low for many hours
to find all the gifs we have to offer. As far as we
know they are public domain. So please jump in grab
a handful to take back to your website. We hope you find
all that you seek. We never knew there were so many
butterfly gifs out there to choose from.
We hand pick all the butterflies you see, just because it
is a butterfly does not mean it belongs on our page.
We believe in providing only the best. We hope you enjoy
your visit with us today. Feel free to come back as often
as you wish. You could even send a friend or two to visit.
If you really like our page why not show it by
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appreciate your vote. Now go ahead grab some gifs.

Butterfly Gifs (64)
Union Jack Small green & purple
Small Butterfly On Stick small Purple + grey
Blue w/ black tips Dark Purple
Medium-sized Blue Sideview Yellow
Big Purp, yellow + black Big Orange & Black
Hot Pink & Blue 2 Purple on Flowers
Blue & Red 3 blue
Big Blue On White Small Monarch Sideview
Big Blue & Yellow Black white & red
Medium Blue & Black Medium Orange
Medium Bright Multicolored Multicolored
Small Monarch On White 3 Orange + yellow
Green & Yellow looking right Medium Purple
Pretty Blue 1 Orange/Black 1 Pink/Blue
Large Yellow & Black 2 Orange & Green
Advisor Azure
Black Swallowtail Buckeye
Black & White Checker Garden
Gulffrit Orange/Yellow/Brown
Medium Orange Pearl
Pale Bfly on red flowers Orange & Black
Dark Orange w/ black trim 2 Bflies 1-Black pink + Yellow
2nd Turquoise
Small Yellow & Purple Bflys White w black tips
Tan & Gold Brown & Amber
Tan & Golds Brown & Ambers
Big brown & yellow Pink trimmed in green
Magenta & Black Spotted amber
Spotted yellow Spotted Green
Gold Pastel Green
Emerald Golden
Turquoise on pink flower Orange looking right

Tiled Butterfly Backgrounds


Pastel bflies on white
Green & Black + Blue & Black surrounded by daisies
Purple bflies & candles
4 multicolored bflies on yellow
bflies on pink & white tapestry
blue bflies on white
yellow & black bflies on yellow
monarchs on white
black bflies on white
pink bflies on white
pink bflies
yellow bflies
Green Bflies
silver bflies on yellow
blue bfly on purple satin
pink bflies on pink swirl
green bfly w/ green roses on white
green bflies on green satin
green & blue flies w/flowers on beige bg
brown bfly & yellow rose on tan
bflies on tan
red green blue bflies on white
Purple bflies on white
Tan bflies on white
Blue bflies on white
LB Pink roses with blue bflies
yellow bflies on white
B & W outlines on white
Pink bfly w pansies
blue & pink pastel w flowers
blue bflies on blue satin
peach on peach
green on green
tan on tan
blue on teal
another green on green
blue sideview on blue
muted pastels on white
group of 3 monarchs on peach
2 tone pinks on marble
Little bflies on white
LB Pretty bflies & waterfall
Yellow & flowers on white
Purple bflies & Pansies
blue bflies on white
peach bflies on white
purple bflies on white
green bflies on white
shades of yellow on yellow
shades of blue on blue
shadesof tan on tan w rose
green on green
Muted bfly Sorry Removed by request due to copyright
Muted blue bflies

Butterfly Lines


Orange & Red bflies
87. Small cluster Orange bflies
74. Orange on sunflowers
73. Purple on purple flowers
72. Pink + Blue on greenery
9. Pink
80. Red like 9
10. Pink Butterflies with Purple Line
79. Red like 10
11. Pink Butterfly Hovering
12. Multicolored
13. Orange Roses & Butterflies
14. Monarch Flying Across Page
15. Yellow Butterflies & Pink Flowers
16. Butterflies & Flowers
17. Butterflies
18. Red Animated
19. 8 Multicolored
20. Small Multicolored
21. More Butterflies
22. More Multicolored
23. Pink Flowers With Black Butterfly In Middle
24. Butterfly Flying Across Page
25. Cross Stitch Butterflies
26. Blue Purple Butterflies Best used on a light bg.
27. Blue butterflies & Flowers
28. Pretty yellow butterflies
29. Pink Butterfly on pink Flower vine
30. Animated green + silver butterflies fluttering
1. Green, blue + white Butterflies
2. Purple + Pink Butterflies
31. Red Butterflies
32. Little Multicolored Butterflies
3. Blue + Red Butterflies
4. Pink Gold Purple Green Bflies
5. Blue Gold Purple Bfly Line
6. Blue Bfly on Line
78. pink version of 6
7. Yellow Bfly Line
33. Tan bfly on brown line
64. Purple bflies w/stars & moon
65. Red & black bflies in a wavy line
34. 3 Butterflies
35. 5 Butterflies
36. Light blue Butterflies
37. Gold + black Butterflies
38. Blue & Gold Butterflies
39. Gold Butterfly on red bars
40. Butterflies with candles
41. Animated Butterflies
42. Monarchs
8. 3 fluttering pink butterflies
43. Purple bflies on bar
44. Blue w/ girl in middle
45. Blue w girl at ends
46. Purple bflies w/ girl
47. Yellow
77. Pink version of 7
48. Yellow w girl
49. 3 purple on line
50. Red & black
51. Tiny multi pastels
52. Small orange w pink flowers
53. Orange on orange line
54. B+W on white
55. B+W on grey
56. Green w purp roses & girl
57. White & yellow w girl
58. orange on orange & black bar facing left
59. orange on orange & black bar facing right
60. small blue w flowers in middle
61. 3 red on marble bar
62. Blue w purp & yellow flowers
63. 3 small w clouds
66. Pink & red bflies on flowers
67. Tiny blue orange & purple
68. Brown bfly on blue bar
69. White
70. White w/ colorful edges
71. White flying across page
75. Red w sunflowers
76. Like yellow line 15
81. Pink version of 37
82. Pink like 73
83. Orange flying across page
84. Turquoise
85. Glowing
86. Orange flying
100. Blue flying across page

Animated Butterflies


2 Gold sparkling
Red Blue & Black
Teal pink & Yellow
Purple striped bfly fluttering in circle
Pink striped bfly fluttering in circle
Blue striped bfly fluttering in circle
2 Blue bflies fluttering
Orange w/ black spots
Tiny purple & yellow
Teal & yellow w/ pink stripe
Primary colored
Black & tans
Tiny teal
Purple & white
Medium blue w/ white stripe
Orange flutering from left to right
Yellow bflies w/ pansies
medium purple glittery
medium glittery yellow
small glittery purple & green
medium Glittery purple
small Glittery Purple + green
Monarch on flower pot
2 Monarchs On Tulips
Colorful Flapping Wings
4 Monarchs
Yellow & Black
Pastel Facing Left
Pastel Facing Right
Monarch Sideview
Monarch Topview
Monarch Frontview
Orange & Black
Tiny Yellow
Big Red
Large Monarch
Changing Colors
Black White & Red
Pretty Green & Red
Red & Black
Fade to Black
Yellow & Tan Fluttering
Brown Flying away
Brown w/ red circles
same Brown as above on a leaf
Butterfly being born
Black flapping wings
Red & Black
Teal trimmed in black
Multicolored Meadow
Yellow & Blue speckled
Orange & Black speckled
Small Blue flapping wings
yellow flapping wings

Various Butterfly Buttons


Welcome Welcome 2
Welcome 3 Welcome 4
Welcome 5 Thankyou
Email Email 2
Email 3 Email 4
Email 5 Hello
Home Home 2
Home 3 Index
Guestbook Back
Next Tiny Teal
Tiny Pink Tiny Pink Button
Tiny Green Tiny Green animated
Tiny Green Tiny Orange
Tiny Blue Tiny Yellow
Tiny Red Tiny Red 2
Tiny indigo Tiny Blue
Tiny blue Tiny teal
magenta red
green green
yellow Blue
Tiny purple & black Small Blue
Small Blue & Black Small Blue 2
Small Monarch Small Orange
Small Blue & Black 2 Tiny Monarch 1
Small Yellow & Black Small Red
Small Red & Black Small Yellow
Welcome Butterflies Next 2
Home4 Next 3
Email 6 Email 7
Home5 Back 2
Back 3 red yellow & blue
Email 8
Sign GB 1 View 1
Sign GB 2 View 2
Sign GB 3 View 3
Sign GB 4 View 4
Sign GB 5 View 5
Sign GB 6 View 6
Sign GB 7 View 7
Sign GB 8 View 8
Sign GB 9 View 9
Sign GB 10 View 10
Sign GB 11 View 11
Guestbooks 1,2,3,5,6, & 7 came from my good friend Andy's web site

More Butterfly Gifs


Amber 4 Bflys Blues Brown White
Blk&Gold + Brown&Yellow 2 Black & Gold
Black&Green + Black&Brown 3 White& asst tips
Skinny Purple & Black Pale yellow & olive
Pale blue w/ green & silver Lt teal w/ yellow
Blue w/ maroon edges Red & Silver
Fluffy red purple & blue Simply pink
Sage & Pink Small orange on rainbow
Black w pink & white in flowers Red & Yellow w red dots
Amber w dark trim Brown & light on grass
Orange W/ Purple tips Brown & Blue w flowers
Brown & Yellow on flower Electric Blue Sideview
Very Pale Blue Spotted Pastel
Black orange & yellow Monarch on Orange Flower
Pretty Yellow & Brown Orange & Purple on Purple Flower
Nice Blue Pretty Pink & Yellow
Pretty Blue Blue & White Speckled
Silver Black w/ Yellow Trim
Blue & White Striped Nice Yellow
Green & Black Green & Red
Red w/ Blue Trim Pretty Blue &
Pretty black bfly with red on tails Orange & Yellow
Emerald Yellow & Blue Trimmed in Black
Another silver Monarch on pink flowers
small black w red edges Green & Yellow
Gold Pretty Photo
Pink metalic Red top tan bottom w/ black
Yellow & Orange Another pretty photo
Brown & Beige bfly Brown bfly
White & Tan bfly Small Orange w/ black stripes
Ambers Nice purple & black
Brown w white tips medium black & blue
Bflies on thistles Big teal
Gold Filigree Group of 5

Bordered Butterfly Backgrounds


pink + blue on white
blue bfly on pink flower
2 monarchs on white
monarch in circle on peach
monarch on cream
lots of lil colored bflies on white
blue + black bfly on teal
small cluster on blue w/ white bg
colored bflies on black w/ green on right
small orange bfly on purple flower on white bg
blue + yellow bfly on lt blue
blue bfly on medium blue bg
blue bfly on lt blue bg
green bfly on beige bg
blue bfly on blue satin
blue bfly on pretty blue
blue bfly + rose on blue
Pooh with flowers + butterfly
Pretty blue butterfly on blue
black bfly on mauve
blue & yellow on blue
Purple bflies on purple
White bfly on black & grey
Blue bfly girl
Blue crochet bfly on white
Blue bflys on flowers on blue
Yellow & flowers on pink
Brown bfly on blue
White & flowers on black
Aqua bflies on beige
Yellow on white
Rainbow bflies on white
Aqua on aqua w pink flower
blue bflies w pink roses & dove
pooh w flowers & blue bfly
Pink bfly on black

Even More Butterfly Gifs


Orange & Black Photo Black & Orange Photo
Purple Blue & Black Purple Green & Orange
Purple & Black striped ceramic Big Black & Yellow
Pretty Edges Rainbow Ceramic
Red w/ black & white details Big Whimsical
Muted Pink w/ brown edges White w/ pink & olive edges
Purple watercolors Delicate Bfly w/ purple jewel
Grey & Pink Blue + black bfly in flower wreath
Pink jeweled bfly Indigo on purple flower
Green Black & yellow Blue red green + purple Bfly
Purple + red Bfly looking left Pooh chasing Bfly w/ net
Pooh holding basket of flowers
w/ bfly fluttering nearby
Small black bfly on yellow
flowered branch
Very very pretty Tan w/ orange tips
Long pale green Pink & Yellow in greenery
Pale Brown Brown & Red
Big black, pink, purp, & Yellow Big magenta
Purple w/ red tips on wings Monarch w/ pink flowers
+ greenery
Black sideview Silver & Tan
Orange Big Yellow
Black w/ green tips Delicate blue + Pink
Purple Yellow & Black
Group of gold & Black Black w/ blue
Green in flower heart Purple w/ white dots
Blue w/ white dots Hot pink trimmed in black
Brown & Gold Rust & Beige
B+W looking left Another B+W
Pretty multicolored B+W
B+W sideview Blue & Yellow on pink flowers
Lavender grey & black Electric Blue w/ jewels
Monarch & Colts Blue w/ yellow stars
Big Brown Purple Blck Blue Black & Green
Pink Blue & Teal Small Red & Green

Butterfly Globes & Eggs


Butterfly globe
Butterfly Globe
Silver Butterfly Globe
Purple & Pink Butterfly Globe
Butterfly Egg
Butterfly Egg Blue+silver
Butterfly Egg red+silver
Butterfly Egg Blue+silver

Butterfly Pairs

Big Purple R L
Yellow & Red R L
Yellow & Red w/ Blue Trim R L
Yellow & Green w/ Purple Trim R L
Yellow w/ Black Trim R L
Small Purple & Tan R L
Red & Yellow w/ Blue Trim R L
Pink & Blue w/ Yellow Trim R L
Green & Tan w/ Purple Trim R L
Green Sideview R L
Skinny Purple R L
Skinny Green R L
Skinny Red R L
Skinny Blue R L
Maroon & Black R L
Purple Sideview R L
Red Sideview R L
Yellow Sideview R L
Magenta R L
Amber R L
Indigo R L
Emerald R L
Aqua R L
Pale Blue R L
Lavender R L
Tan R L
Pink R L
Green R L
Multi-tan R L
Purple & Blue R L
Pretty brown w/circles R L
Shades of purple R L
Red R L
Orange & Brown speckled R L
Pink purple & blue R L
Blue & black sideview R L
Purple R L
Yellow R L
Orange on pink flowers R L
Orange & tan on pink flower R L
Green & black sideview R L
Yellow sideview R L
Blue R L
Pink & black R L
Purple orange & yellow R L
Big blue bubbles R L
Red & black R L
Tan w/ pink spots R L
Blues R L
Mosaic blues R L
Mosaic pink R L
Mosaic green R L

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