Here are some of the press reviews about the programmes 
done  by our team at ROSETTA  STONE MEDIA .

“They have cut their teeth on documentaries . And it is that style that they have imbued their health serial (HEALING & BEYOND) with. It is a questioning spirit, which observes, records and marks ..... it seeks to go beyond the routine health story..”

INDIAN EXPRESS “ Stunning SHIFTING SANDS ....ideal to promote Rajasthan... an enthralling  work which showed an imagination which   was  aesthetic and artistic..
.....in short the best in the field .” HINDUSTAN TIMES “  An absorbing , slickly made feature Invasion From  The  Skies pertinently  dealt   with  the onslaught of  cable  and  satellite television in India. TIMES OF INDIA " One of the best films , I have seen on the subject . " (Room Without A View - a film on Aids ) TIMES OF INDIA "  ..... the serial's writer, director, Umesh Bist  has  given evidence  that he knows what he is upto and how to get  desired results." Manzilein FILMFARE “ .....another serial that focuses on contemporary middle class ....rather effectively done ..” Manzilein INDIA TODAY " One of the delightful new programmes is IN SEARCH OF STEAM." INDIA TODAY " Among  the more thought provoking programmes was  one  on  the destruction  of forests .... ..It is a programme which set  people thinking , which is what socially concerned T.V. is about . Kiska Jungle TIMES OF INDIA " What made this programme (River in Turbulence ) stand out  was its all round excellence : Direction, Editing, Camera." CITY SCAN " An imaginative Freeze Frame. " HINDUSTAN TIMES "  Baste  Basate by Deepak Mehra and Umesh Bist is an expose  of  the functioning of D.D.A. It effectively brings out the inefficacy and malfunctioning of the D.D.A. TIMES OF INDIA