W A N T E D:

Men of Good Character

Willing to defend and support your beloved home state of Missouri from foreign invasion.

Your state is under attack from the government of the United States, who has invaded your land and instituted martial law under the order of their president Abraham Lincoln.

Your immediate support and assistance is needed by the Missouri State Guard to ward off this invader.

Enlist Today!

For more information about Civil War reenacting, please contact our Battalion Commander/Major


Company B 2 MO, M.S.G is always in need of new recruits, if you have the fondness of the Civil War, and would like to become a Civil War reenactor, OR simply have a love for history -- please, by all means send our Major an e-mail. He will be happy to talk with you, so please don't be shy.

The flag of the MISSOURI State Guard was borrowed from the Missouri Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.