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by Bruno



As the coming of the new millennium approaches, a threat to the world appeared. A nuclear bomb was planted into a volcano by a terrorist group known as Deathjoint, millions were killed. Deathjoint's leader Liquid Snake had no reason to kill but he still did it just to see people suffer. The American government put together a group to stop them. Ten bionicly enhanced humans from around the world were selected. They were trained by some of the greatest minds of our century. The group was called World Organisation To Abolish Terrorism, short it was W.O.T.A.T. By 2001 they killed Liquid Snake and arrested his followers. The team leader, Psycho Mantis and his second in command, Shark Jaw was both volunteered to be cryogenically frozen since Deathjoint killed their entire families. If ever a threat arose these two fine warriors will be ready. This is where our story begins.


* * *

It is the year 2019 and both members are still frozen and fighting fit. The rest of the group is now old men and women. Meanwhile on a science vessel S.S.Onurb high above in space:

"Captain, we are ready to deploy the new telescope."

"Very good Number One all the eggheads on Earth will finally stop wining about the outdated

Hubbell telescope."

"I'm picking up a signal from the Alpha-Centaura quadrant,"

"Let's hear it, Number One."

Suddenly a icy bone chilling voice fills Captain Jane Lucas's head," Your death is immanent!" Captain Jane turned around in surprise as she felt a piercing pain rip through her body. Jane's body start's to swell she could feel her organs overflow with blood. Through her swollen eyes she could see that everyone else on the bridge was also experiencing her fate.

Back on Earth Command a harsh voice fills the air,

" What the hell happened up there?" yells Commander Lucas to dispatcher.

"I'm not sure, sir. All I know is that S.S.Onurb received a signal from somewhere in the Alpha-Centaura sector. Two seconds after radio contact ceased we picked up a five-megaton explosion in their orbit. I'm sorry Commander, I think they are all dead."

Commander Lucas fought tears, having problems his composure. "I'm going to get the dirty scoundrels that killed my daughter," thought Commander Lucas.

Since Jane's mother died he had been harsh on her and never really showed feelings. And now someone or something had taken her and her entire crew's life for no apparent reason. Ever since his wife died all he had left was his daughter, Jane. His heart started pounding like crazy, and he realised how much he loved his daughter and yet she never knew and never will know now. People never miss things until they are gone. Now is not the time to mourn. Now is the time to find out who killed my only child and get revenge.

"Red alert everybody, you get me a line to the president now," said Lucas.

Lucas calmly walked to a HPG*.

"Hello, Mr.President... yes, there is a problem.... We are now on red alert...I think we should send out scout ships to see what has this kind of destructive power...yes sir, right away, sir."

Commander turned his face to the communication officer.

"You, go send out some scout ships and see what has that kind of power."

"Yes sir, contacting space station 764 PSW, they say a squadron of scout ships have already left the docks.



*Holographic projector

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