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Climb Fest, Quincy Quarries

Need a belay? If you live in the Massachusetts Blackstone Valley area - send me E-MAIL: BINERMAN@yahoo.com

If you're into rock climbing I'd like to chat!


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Contact Information

Are you looking for a new, exciting and challenging workout? Why don't you give rock climbing a try!

Nothing challenges the mind and body like rock climbing.


For beta please contact me at:



Current Projects

College Rock (Hopkinton, Ma): 5.12 overhang route.

Ongoing home wall, project. 16 feet long by 8 feet high. The first 4x8 panel is at a forty- five degree angle, the next two 4x8 panels are horizontal and the last 4x8 is at about thirty degrees. Includes a small roof section (soon to have more). I use mostly Nicros holds. I've started experimenting with real rock holds but haven't finished drilling!

In the winter months I go to Carabiners (New Bedford) or Rhode Island Rock Gym (Lincoln, RI) to get me out of the cold.

Check out my links for a list of rock gyms or visit the New England Rock Club.

New England Rock Club Outing: These are on going throughout N.E. They include different forms of climbing. Check out my link to the New England Rock Club for postings of up coming events.


I don't want to give my age; but I started climbing when you used gold rope for everything: the harness, the belay and the anchors! I got out of the sport for years but started up again in the early 80's. I only TR for a good many years but the last few years, I've found a partner that wanted to lead climb.

I've top-roped a good number of cliffs in Massachusetts, and also lead climbed at Crow Hill, Rumney, Gunks, Cathedral Ledge and Joe's Rock.

Some of the places I've climbed, have included: College Rock, Joe's Rock, Klondike Cliff, Purgatory Chasm State Park, Lookout Rock, Quincy Quarries, Chapel Ledge, Hammond Pond, Leominster State Park, Rumney, Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island Rock Gym, Gravity Rock Gym (closed), and Carabiners.


Extreme Interests

Some of my other interests include running, bicycling, swimming, triathlons, hiking and skiing.

Extreme stuff I've tried: Hang gliding, parasailing, skateboarding, waters skiing, scuba diving and snowboarding.


Rock climbing is a dangerous sport. In no way does the author of this, encourage or endorse this sport. If you involve yourself in this sport, it is by your own choice.

Always double check each other's harnesses, knots and anchors.


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