Why she stays

Every 15 seconds an incident of Domestic Abuse occurs. Studies show that 1 in 6 families has at least one violent incident per year. 40% of all women murdered are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. 68% of teenagers who interfere in a domestic situation are injured.

Physical abuse is violence. It is learned behavior, a deliberate and forcible act of strength calculated to keep the victim under the abuser's control by instilling fear of injury. It includes slaps, pinches, kicks, hits, stabs, burns, choking, beatings, forced sexual acts, reckless driving and forced confinement. Sexual abuse is distinguished from physical abuse because it includes any act, physical or otherwise, that is destructive to a person's sexuality.

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The purpose of the Women's Service & Family Resource Center is to help victims of family violence break this cycle and stop the reproduction of violence in our community.

For information email: The Women's Service and Family Resource Center
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