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Tripolinos I have yet to connect to us...

These are Tripolino's I have found in my various searches. I'm sure we're all related, however, I still need to connect these people to us. If any of these people are your ancestors or family, please let me know. Thanks!

Salvatore Tripolino - the one and only Tripolino from Sicily that answered my letters. He lives in Santa Margherita di Belice, Sicily; about 15 kilometers from Contessa. He was born Feb. 28, 1942. His father was Marte Tripolino, who died in 1947. Salvatore remembers receiving gifts and letters from a Vincenzo Tripolino in America when he was a little boy. He know of no other Tripolinos besides himself and his sons living in the area.

Francesca Trippolino - born circa 1842, was onboard the ship SS DARLINGTON Dec. 19 1882 from Palermo via Philadelphia, bound for New Orleans, LA.

James Tripolino - called "Jack", married Dina Bucci. Resided in Chicago. Jack came to the US at 16 years of age. He was a guard at the Cook Co. Jail and worked at Florsheim Shoes. They had one daughter, Ann, who married Harold Malmedahl. Jack had a brother named Phil, and sisters Mary and Lena that might have lived in CA. They may also have relatives in Louisiana. Dina Bucci Tripolino did have relatives in LA. This info was obtained from Gina Carnesecchi, granddaughter of Ann Tripolino Malmedahl.

Joseph Tripolino, Sr. - (1866-1956); came by boat from Sicily about 1900 to New Orleans with his wife Annie. This information given by Judi Tripolino, wife of Mike Tripolino, ggrandson of Joseph Sr.

Pietro Tripolino - born 1872, came thru Ellis Island Aug 15, 1912 with his sister, Nunzia aboard the ship Mendoza to stay with her husband, Francesco Ferrara, who was already here in Detroit, Michigan. This isn't our Pietro, since ours was born in 1858; besides, our Pietro was married in Ybor City in 1900 to his second wife, Francesca Rotolo; but this could be a cousin.. this Pietro was from South Partinici, Palermo; Nunzia listed South Terrasino, Palermo as her home. Pietro was also already married, and noted that he had been in the country before. This Pietro had a brother,
Gioacchino Tripolino who came over on the San Guglielmo April 25, 1913. He was 36 years old and listed his relative as brother Pietro in Detroit Michigan. He was also married.

Guiseppe Tripolino(a) - came thru Ellis Island on the Ship Gallia at age 18. He stated his relative in the US as Nicolina Trippolino, Ybor City, FL.

Antonina Tripolino - age 18, came thru Ellis Island in 1908. Her passage was paid for by her brothers, Guiseppe, Antonio and Fillipo. In 1913, her sister,
Francesca Tripolino - came over. She stated her relative was her brother, Guiseppe Tripolino, 70W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Maria Tripolino - age 16, and Gioacchino Tripolino - age 14 came thru Ellis Island Oct. 23, 1916 aboard the Ship Guiseppe Verdi. Their mother paid the passage, and they were headed to Chicago to stay with an uncle, Giuseppe Guzzardi at 1152 Milton Ave, Chicago. They travelled with Anna Raviotta, age 56; a widow. She stated Giuseppe Guzzardi as her brother inlaw.

Girolama Tripolino - age 31, came thru Ellis Island on the ship Calabria Jan. 28, 1902. She states she is coming to be with her husband, (hard to read); Giuseppe (Plaues, Planes Planer, Plaueo) - probably Plescia at Beha Plantation, Prospect, New Orleans.

GuiseppeTripolino - age 20 and unmarried, came over on the ship Brasile Feb. 24, 1906.

GiuseppeTripolino - age 60, and wife, FrancescaTripolino - age 66, came from Contessa Entellina aboard the ship SS Letimbro Nov. 4, 1886 to New Orleans. Also on that ship, and probably their daughter,
FrancescaTripolino - age 20 from Contessa with her husband, Nicolo Vitrano, age 20.

If you have any information about the stories of the above Tripolino's, please email me so we can compare notes.
- A.P.


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