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I have been asked by several people to write a tutorial on how I did Brassy Blue and Brown Sugar N Honey. I'm going to try :) but I wont garantee that I won't confuse you more by doing so. I hope not but I will give it a try.

To start with the basic directions for Spiral Rope Chain are here

Click for a large view of Brown Sugar N Honey.

The first thing I did was to decide how long I wanted my necklace. I usually make mine between 18 and 24". I divided that into thirds and this is how I determined where I would start my increases on one side and end them on the other. I also jotted down my halfway mark so I knew where my center would be. For this tutorial I'm going to say I'm making a 24" necklace. I will start my increases at 8". You can vary this to suit your own tastes.

Now start working spiral as normal in your choice of colors till you reach your one third or start of increases. On a regular spiral you use three beads on the outside spiral, I increased this by 2 for a total of 5 spiral beads. (It works better using an odd number of beads if you want to make a multi colored spiral like I did with Brown Sugar.) I continued my spiral using 5 beads for about an inch then increased to 7 beads (please note: this DOES NOT include your core bead, you still have to add your core bead to these counts.) I worked with 7 spiral beads for aproximately another inch.
This is where I started adding in my accent beads, size 4mm fire polish (or use crystal, chips, pearls, etc.)I did this by picking up 2 seed beads, a 4mm and 2 more seed beads (don't forget your core bead). On the next loop I would use 9 seed beads. I alternated back and forth this way for about another inch (we are almost to our half way point). If you want a less open or lacy look you can add in extra loops (if you use a heavy thread you may not be able to make to many passes through your core beads)
The center of the necklace, this is where I increase my spiral loops to 11 seed beads. I will make this center section aproximately 2 inches long adding in size 6mm accent beads in the same manner that I used for the 4mm. Pick up 2 seed beads, one 6mm bead and 2 more seed beads. Alternate with spirals of 11 seed beads. You have now completed one half of your necklace and are going to reverse the process going to 9, 7, 5, and 3 beads, decreasing back down to regular spiral.
After you have finished your spiral you can go back and add in extra loops if you want a fuller look or you can add larger loops like I did on
Purple Loops or Red N Black

Please feel free to print out these directions and use them for referance. Have fun.
Irma Lowthian-James 4/99