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Beader's Book Store

    I have compiled a list of books that are bead related. I started out making a wish list of books I would like to have in my library. I thought perhaps other beaders may have the sames wishes for more books on beading thus this list. I hope you find something you like. All the books are from Barnes and Noble. If you don't see a title listed here that you are interested in please use the search engine provided at the bottom of this page.
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Creative Bead Weaving

Traditional Beadwork

Creative Bead Jewelry:
Weaving, Looming, Stringing, Wiring, Making Beads

Beads: An Exploration of Bead Traditions around the World

Irresistible Bead: Designing and Creating Exquisite Beadwork Jewelry

Beadwork Basics


Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: A Netting Primer

Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: An off-Loom Bead Weaving Primer

Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: A Sculptural Peyote Project Primer

Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: A Bead & Weave Primer

Exotic Beads: 45 Distinctive Beaded Jewelery Designs

Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns: An Illustrated "how-to" Guide

Contemporary Beadwork: Counted & Charted Patterns for Peyote Stitch

Beaded Adornment

Beadweaving: New Needle Techniques & Original Designs

Book of Beads; A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Beads and Jewelry Making

Authentic American Indian Beadwork & how to Do It: With 50 Charts for Bead Weaving & 21 Full-Size Pa

Beaded Lampshade Book: Techniques for Beadlovers

American Indian Beadwork

Advanced Beadwork

Magical Beaded Medicine Bag Book: Techniques for Bead Lovers

Native American Beadwork

Native American Guide to Traditional Beadwork

Beadwork Companion: Step by Step Illustrated Instructions for Beading Projects

Techqs of Fashion Earrings

Bead Jewelry Workstation

Two-Hour Beaded Projects: More than 200 Designs

Beading Necklaces with Ani Afshar; A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Beautiful Beaded Jewelry

Techniques of Beading Earrings

Beads to Buckskins

New Adventures in Beading Earrings

Lattice Bracelets Beadwork Book I

Picot Lace Innovative Beadwork: A New Light on Tatting - a New Twist on Beading

Beads & Beadwork of West & Central Africa

Back to Beadin': Elegant Amulet Purses & Jewelry Using Delica & Seed Beads

A'nicina'be Manido'minesikan: Chippewa Beadwork

North American Indian Beadwork Patterns

My Jewelry Box

Children's Beading Book: Techniques for Little Beadlovers

Beadwork Basics

Crow Indian Beadwork: A Descriptive & Historical Study

Technique of North American Indian Beadwork

Beaded Watchband Book: Techniques for Beadlovers

Beaded Images II: Intricate Beaded Jewelry Using Brick Stitch

Speaking with Beads: Zulu Arts from Southern Africa

Magical Amulet Bag

Lattice Bracelets Beadwork

How to Do Bead Work

New Beadwork

Beadweaving: New Needle Techniques & Original Designs

Bead Art

Fearless Beadwork

Ann Benson's Beadwear: Making Beaded Accessories and Adornments

Beaded Birds of the Four Seasons: Charted for Counted Beadwork & Counted Cross-Stitch

Quill & Beadwork of the Western Sioux

From the Land: Two Hundred Years of Dene Clothing


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