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     As you can tell, motorcycle riding is one of my favorite hobbies. My husband (AKA Shftr) and I (AKA Wingmama) ride as much as possible. I currently ride a 1982 GL1100 Goldwing.  I passed the Motorcycle Safety Course in 1988, and  got my first bike in 1992.  It was a 1981 650 Maxim.  I put 25,000 miles on that and also passed two advanced courses of the MSC.  My next bike was a  1987 1100 Virago hand-me-down, that Shftr bought new.  After several rides it was quite clear that with 87,000 hard miles already on, it would never survive keeping up with Shftr's 1998 1500GL Valkyrie.  So, we purchased the Goldwing.  It had 16,601 original miles on it when I got it in August of 1998 and currently has 31,800 miles on it. I'm only averaging 1000 miles a month but its the best I can do for now.  I especially like the 86hp performance and the cruiser-like handling of the 1100 GL Standard, and hope to get many more pleasurable miles of riding enjoyment from it.

       I also enjoy working on puzzles of every kind, especially crossword and jigsaw.  I have started a collection of train jigsaw puzzles to cover the walls of the room where we will erect our  N-scale train layout.   We are train spotters and have rode many of   Pennsyvania's Historical Short-Line Raliroads.  We had to temporarily take down the N-Scale Layout to make room for this computer and my school stuff, but plan to get it going again when we have the room to do it.

Willie says "If your not riding on the edge, you're taking up too much room!!!!

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