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Wholesale to Retail Sales
We here at Wilderness Visions Card Co. offer its retail
counterparts with very attractive wholesale prices for maximum
retail value. Carefully read through the information below, if you
still have unanswered questions or concerns please contact us.
There is no minimum order for retail sales. However, we do suggest
that you purchase several of each card you wish to sell in your
storefront. There are no sales tax charges when purchasing
wholesale for retail. You must submit a copy or write on your order
form your reseller's number. All appropriate shipping and handling
charges must be paid with your order. When making payment please
remit, check or money order. Make it payable to:
Wilderness Visions
Card Co., PO Box 53, Cadott, WI 54727
Wholesale card prices
All cards are priced at-$1.50 wholesale. This price allows
you the retailer appropriate room to place a 100% make-up
on the card in-order to cover your cost and make a profit. The
cards currently retail anywhere from-
$3.00 to $5.00 each.
What's in it for you?

A high quality greeting card! Wilderness Visions Card Co.
cards are of the finest card recycled card stock only the
most attractive, vivid and stunning wildlife and nature images
are used for cards. Many of the photos we have on file would
meet other companies standards, however, we will not use a
photo in any of our cards that doesn't invoke a sense of
intrigue, giving our cards many advantages over other
similar cards on the market today.
Who is the typical Wilderness Visions Card Co. consumer?

The consumers who are looking for the standard mass produced look
alike on the market today; are not our standard consumer; however,
many of these consumer are won over to our cards daily. Our
standard consumers are middle to upper income families and
singles. They like our products because of the superior quality,
stunning visions of nature and wildlife. They like the durability of our
cards. They are unlike any photo cards they have seen in the past,
they like them because they are unique and exquisite. The consumer
adores them because they can tell at a glance that each card was
thoughtfully assembled with special love and care.
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