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Cards for Wildlife
Benefit Rally
First off we here at Wilderness Visions Card Co. and Wildlife
Photography would like to take a moment to Thank you for your
time and consideration of our cause. As you know our Wild
America that once stood as far as our Great Ancestors eyes
could see is and has in some areas already vanished, where
once stood towering high above the ground giant pine trees,
now sadly stands skyscrapers, new development and other
modern encroachment. Don't get us wrong we are not against
modern progression, however we believe that the two (modern
advancement and natural resources) can live together helping
to complement one another.

Wilderness Visions Card Co. has a vision of how the world
could be better, through the planned efforts of people who care
just like you. In an attempt to raise funding for much need
education on the struggles of our vanishing wild resources,
Wilderness Visions Card Company is setting aside 5 percent of
all proceeds received from our First Annual Cards for Wildlife
Benefit Rally. The funds will be set aside and used to educate
persons, fund groups and support member organizations with
the never-ending struggle of protecting our Wild America. Our
unique cards portray wildlife in all its glory. We have captured
moments in time when light and landscape and
photographer/naturalist come together to form a real work of
art. Art that is, that only nature could supply us with.

The stunning contrast between our photographic work and the
richly textured cardstock naturally brings out the real
importance of saving our vanishing wildlife. Our cards are
environmentally friendly using recycled cardstock and soybean
based inks. All cards are of earth tone in color, so that they
complement the wildlife and nature pictorials they display. All
wildlife and nature images are of the highest quality printed on
real photographic paper to assure top quality.

The moneys acquired directly through card sales related to the
Cards for Wildlife Benefit Rally and/or straightforward donations
will be reported and updated on our website for public
observation. The financial status of the Benefit Rally will be
updated quarterly. Funds will be dispersed to qualifying groups
or organizations no later than one (1) month after the second
(2) quarterly financial report.

A qualifying group or organization is defined as, any and all
groups or organizations consisting of one or more individuals or
members operating under a non-profit status. Group or
organization goals or missions that will be consider for support
through the Benefit Rally will include but not limited to,
education through group, civic, campaign or printed publication
focusing on the benefits and the need to protect and conserve
our vanishing natural resources; group or organizations planned
course of action should be but not limited to, protecting and
conserving our vanishing natural resources through the
purchase, continued support or maintenance of natural
resource areas supporting wildlife and/or natural habitat
supplied or maintained for endangered or general wildlife,
building or preserving natural wildlife areas for the purpose of
providing natural habitat, purchase or continued support and/or
maintenance of use facilities for general public audience to
enjoy for recreation, personal fulfillment, public, civic or other
gatherings, for the use of purchase or continued support and/or
maintenance of memorial monuments dictated to those who
have committed their lives to the cause or support in action for
protecting or preserving our vanishing natural resources.

The President and Owner of Wilderness Visions Card Co.
Bobby D. Badboy will do appointment of funds. Those groups
and/or organizations wishing to apply for support or funding
through the Benefit Rally should send group or organizational
materials including but not limited to member following,
organizational affiliation, mission statement, planned course of
action for use of funds, group or organizational commitment
and/or accomplishments that have had impact on the
conservation and preservation of our vanishing natural
resources for review to: Wilderness Visions Card Co. c/o
Cards for Wildlife Benefit Rally, PO Box 53, Cadott, WI 54727
or for more information email:

The cards maybe acquired in sets of 3 cards, 5 cards or 10
cards for a suggested donation of and $8.50 for a 3 pack of
cards plus shipping and handling charges, $13.50 for a 5 pack
of cards plus shipping and handling and $24.99 for a 10 pack of
cards plus shipping and handling charges. For those wishing to
show their support on a smaller level they may acquire
individual cards for a suggested donation of $3.00 per card plus
shipping and handling charges.

All photographic images contained within the cards maybe
purchased and enlarged making it an attractive piece of framed
wildlife art to help enhance or insensate the décor of your
favorite room, office or meeting hall.

If you want your order figured into this fund-raiser, please state
so by writing, Cards for Wildlife Benefit Rally somewhere on
your order form

Please send your donations to: Wilderness Visions Card Co.,
PO Box 53, Cadott, WI 54727
(Please remit donations in Check or Money Order—US funds

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