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Sugar Creek Poncho

ADMS Reg A-11577

Birth Date: 1998 Large Standard - 52"

As we will no longer be breeding mares, we are offering Poncho for sale. He has only been used to hand breed mares.

Call or email for further information on him. He is registered with ADMS.


Birth Date: 8/11/2006

Will is a son of Sugar Creek Oakie, who is a son of Oklahoma Diamond. At 3 years old, Will stands 57". He is a red roan and also has Czeschin breeding in his pedigree.



Birth Date: 5/16/2007

Waco is a chocolate brown jack with light points - Peerless and Calhoun breeding. He is very easy to work with. Waco should mature to 53-54".

Sugar Creek Dakota

ADMS Reg. A-14654

Birth Date: 7/5/2008

Dakota is a black jennet with Calhoun-Peerless and Oklahoma Diamond breeding


Sugar Creek Ginger

ADMS Reg. E13602

Birth Date: 11/1/2002

Ginger is Red and stands 54". She has Oklahoma Diamond breeding.

Sugar Creek Kali

ADMS Reg. E14655

Birth Date: 5-12-2008

Kali is a dappled black roan. She has Calhoun and Czeschin breeding.

Sugar Creek Sunny

ADMS Reg. E14651

Birth Date: 5-31-2006

Sunny is black and stands 60". She has Oklahoma Diamond breeding.

Sugar Creek Rose

ADMS Reg. E14653

Birth Date: 4/28/2004

Rose stands 60" and is a rose-dun. She has Oklahoma Diamond Breeding


Sugar Creek Cindy

ADMS Reg. E14652

Birth Date: 5/12/2005

Cindy is a red frosty roan who stands 56". She has Oklahoma Diamond breeding.









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