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Dellit's Poetry

I'm sitting here alone by my window trying to remember what went wrong.
I watch the cars pass and the leaves blow in the wind, unable to find my way.
I just sit there alone, pushing you, my love, away.
 Tell me, what more can I do, sitting here loving you?
Of the possibilities, there are no end, and it scares me half to death.
That, somehow, I will remain here and the pain will not go away.
I feel my pain growing every second I think of you.
It forever lasts and memory of you soon vanishes.
I'm stuck in this false reality, burning for all the right things,
 yet knowing they'll never come.
Once I felt I was happy. Once I felt all your love.
In its cold, relentless absence, I shiver as the tears roll down my face.
I realize that all this time, I've been in the same place.
You were but a dream in my lonely existence, a brief shimmer of light.


Cool breeze on naked skin,
He's been living a life of sin.
Memories or nights,
Causing the inner fights.
His mind controls the pain,
Over and over again.
He's dying.

His heart is gone,
There's no more moving on.
His life's been a joke,
All mirrors and smoke.
His pain keeps him from sleep.
There are no tears left to weep.

He's lost all reason to be alive.
He reaches for is .45.
He takes it in full view,
As if it were brand new.

Can't do it now,
It'll all end somehow.
He's dying.