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The Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji, an African-American Quilt Guild in the Denver metropolitan area, advocates giving “Hope” to today's youth.

A committee within the guild designed and fabricated the 90 by 90 inch quilt using 100% cotton fabrics and ethnic symbols representing hope.

A center medallion features three youth looking up at a bird made of fabric inscribed with the words “hope”.   Leaves on a “would be” olive branch have been replaced by the Adinkra symbol “Nyame Biribi Wo Soro”, meaning hope and aspiration, that continues as a quilted pattern around the border.

An outer border is made of  34 accurately pieced  “Star of Hope” blocks, (also known as the Ohio Star block), remind us of a time when crossing the Ohio river offered hope for  freedom.

Quarter-square triangle squares, elements recognized as  part of  a traditional African-American design aesthetic, form one of the inner borders.  The word hope is used in the quilting pattern on the quilt surface.