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To Velvet Paws Rabbitry 


My name is Michelle and I  live in Hilltop Which is Southern Highlands. South of Campbelltown

I am a registered breeder of Miniature Lops and Netherland Dwarf rabbits . I have been breeding a number of years now.

Currently a member of Rabbit Fanciers NSW, Canberra Rabbit Club. Also plan on joining Rabbit Exhibitors And Breeders  INC in the near future. I regularly attend shows at these clubs.

I am happy to hold rabbits with a  50% Deposit.



My aim is to breed show

quality animals with suitable temperaments for good pets.


I also strive to keep my bunnies as happy and healthy as possible.

My rabbitry is located outdoors giving good ventilation but is also insect proof, giving protection against myxomatosis.  My rabbits are vaccinated yearly against the Calici virus, a fast killer of rabbits. 




Please email for details

of upcoming litters or for

what's for sale now

Some pet rabbits bred at velvet paws who are in loving pet homes.





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