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*All Songs Under Copyright to Qverberation Music 1997 - 2002
Every hours sneaking past me
It gets so real, spend it unhappy
god I feel alone, need to breathe again
tearing through the walls
to get away from this place
hiding out in hollywood
she'd kill herself to be understood
Amazing Graceless, shes so tasteless
free to fly away,
escape the wrath of this place

Marry me now, free me some how
Im dieing alone and I can't find a way out

Awake in this danger, away in a manger
erasing all the lies to
run away from this place

All your love flourished me,
Alive again and open to see
I found the truth yeah
I'd rather cheat with lies
falling out, and melt away in this place
This perfect place inside you
give me angels, the angel that guide you
i thought they took it all I found a way out
Pounding out the truth
Im taking over this place

melting shifting vats of pure fat bubble in.. though my heart with
every thought of you
psycho ecellulite oozing down my throught while im teased
by your eyes and im lost for clues

so just ice me down break
me up throw me in the trash.. the sleep walkers in your
your kingdom are sewing autographs to the idols walking
downward from scene one to two..
im shitting marbles for your wonders and the cake in your
cake wants you soon
thank the kid and taste the glue
cake has no iceing
the taste was so fat, so demented and so unclear, quote me on that
She called me kid and she left me here.
Take me down to your secret hiding place,
nestled in the back of your orange-red room
I can't see you anymore anymore,
Im perfectly blinded into sweet June.

its all a lie, its a mistake.. I cant take this anymore...
to fall through the sky, make love to the rain, im growing feathers.
i did drugs now the holes are deeper in my brain.. this total
mess breeds success in my only cake unsane
to realize sympathize all these coated terms im in diquise
behind the broken glass

so just ice me down break me up
throw me in the trash.. the sleep walkers in your your
kingdom are sewing autographs to the idols walking
downword from scene one to two..
im shitting marbles for your wonders and the cake in your


the older, the older i get so young, in my mind i have so much fun,
fun is just a call away... in between the lines so blue,

red is the color of my heart, my blood is the color of my food,
italian and so sausy, so thick and kind of old and so controlled

maybe im too young to see it, see it again and again..

molded up and broken down inside,
i find it so hard to cry so lets just laugh,
inside i hide, i tryed i lied,
grip me hold me, phuck me, until i bleed

anyway, anyway you want i'll be, my tips are just so frostY,
younger and SMARTER than you, sac gonfable is real and so true,
grace me with your instincts dear, i'll kiss you up and down this year,
the lessons are sinking in, so deep, so real, so ripe so cellabate

final fantasy

this flavor on my tounge is dieing and my mind is falling down...heaven is just another tease and hell has just hit the ground...blends of coffee fill the air in my world of natty boh.. swimming in a bowl of cereal and just saying anorexic model girls phuck me until i can hardly breathe in my world of fantasy i'm grateful and never leave..

dont have real friends just associates and every single one of them trees me like shit.. all those drugs are termites and their eating that mind, into the deepest fucking depths of hell

recovering from the string of their offering..changing my ways and medicating my broken so young so old so grey...i feel like im dead cause no reality exists.. i phucked myself in the face and now im a lonely my world of fantasy im grateful and i'll never leave...

dont have real sex just the thought of it as i wobble through my tounge tied misery fits, vis-cious women swallow my soul and they follow me down into the deepest phucking depths of..

fuck everbody sitting staring

fuck everybody living caring

soul is staring tracers rising endless triping tremors creep, falling further hear a voice it's calling me to pack an invoice

im alright im ok im so glad its back this way im alright im ok im so glad im back this way

lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah!!!!!!


hey billy joe bob, where are are you?
you make me sob! i want to see you now! now !now!
hey bob joe billy , where the hell is milly!?!,
when she hides she's silly, dont make me whip out my willy!

One day when you wouldn't play, i caught you messin around on me,
on this night I will evolve

evolve, teachers don't know anything at all, they just kick back and think their the shit, take this all away

So bring back all the pieces, broken glass and shake

save it all for no reason, in my mind i hesitate to lick all the girlies down,

shame on me but she was the flavor of the month..

cover her with whip cream, lay her on the bed, she is all i need

dance around and sing love songs, im reaping all i sew


her glow reminds me of a movie, eyes of clear crystal radar lying about her lips,
since we've met i've been thinking backwards, since 1980 bore me to this danky room
to tell the truth im a living fable, my lip hurts, my dick hurts and now im having sex all alone.
to put a spell on me, to leave a look on my face, 18 and cracking up, to leave me in on the grey,
to take another dose, sweet almond oil of aloe,
and now my soul is soaked, sweet almond oil of aloe
sometimes i find myself alone and screaming,
delay of breath and dreams of summer, to taste your saliva as a chaser.
i wanna keep you and save you for a rainy day, so white and hopeless for some reason.
she put a spell on me, true love.


im drunk, and im so heart broken, fatally been choking, rearrange my brain.
Begging, for someone to lift me up and lay down the beating so i, can experience pain.
Ec, tomorph silly crazy, kids been sniffing daisies (poppys) kiss my feet (ass) again.
Late, for my own funeral, she said as she pierced my rectum, and invited me back again.
Im drunk, so i'll go to sleep now, before i fall to deep into, boughts of shrinking laughter,
making fun of you.


look in, to the sun. go blind, to find the one.
forget, all you have. sunlight, pierces shafts.
As hormones and urges collaberate.
Try to reach out and grab hold of fate.
falling deep, into your trance. eyes like crystals,
hair of silk. soul like gold, passion wilts
fall in to your arms, fate fullfilled


open up your heart its fine, im another piece of mind,
hope is growing up inside, help me get another helping of your...
love is screaming loud at you, always tell me what to do,
help and come and understand, its all in the master plan
lover's screaming at my lover, brothers working undercover,
boss is foaming at her mouth at me!!!!!!! funny how it took so long,
learning how to sing this song, im alone in my own extacy!!!!!
Open up it'll be alright, polishing my soul tonight,
throwing all your soul at me, no more penny royal tea
Been caught breaking into song, freeing me from cheech and chong,
life is boring and im going sane.
Watch my soul burn like the sun, rankin's words are wild and fun,
the dev il's arrows pointing straight at me.
All my fears are growing trees, all these years locked in me,
train my thoughts to jump in me, its all too long.
keep it real, and maybe time, will help me feel.
Her love is screaming at me now.
ectacy (x8)


pin this fuck with the sun of napalm,
digging deeper for the unknown cure
lines on my back and a knife stuck in my throat,
sticking to the same ways falling to the floor...
rape for what i need...give it to me oldschool
rape me for what i need...give it to me till i bleed
happy alone (x4)
empty like confusion in a box of
disallusion screaming words out of my mind runnin
deep and fallin climbs ,heads are turning your way
thoughts are dieing burn away, puff, puff, choo, choo,
--off we go
rape me for what i need ..give it to me old school
rape me for what i need give it to me till i bleed


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