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 vanGo's Real Player 'Backdoors' to Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics Audio, Video, CD Tracks


Album or Show

 Tight Black Pants

 Perkins Palace, CA (live)

 Butcher Baby

 New Hope for the Wretched

 Sex Junkie

 Perkins Palace, CA (live)

 A Pig is a Pig

 Beyond the Valley of 1984

 It's My Life

 The WOW Album

 Hoy Hey

 Kommander of Kaos

 Goin' Wild

 Kommander of Kaos

 You're a Zombie

 Maggots: The Record


 Maggots: The Record

 Know W'am Say'n

 Deffest and Baddest


All tracks from the new Wendy O. Williams retrospective CD, "FUCK YOU!!! and Loving It!!!" (here)


 Track or Clip


 "I hate people telling me what to do" (audio)
Wendy talks about 'normal behavior', art, fashion and smashing things (Wendy all the way!! I love this!!!)

 New York City Police Crowd Control (video)
This guy tries to keep it together at the legendary Pier 62 performance in New York (crowd comes screaming through the gate)

 Crowd Control: "Need back-up..."(video)
Shots of Plasmatic fans lining the rooftops waiting for Wendy and the Plas to be flown in. Crowd control officer asks for back-up help ("Plasma Jam" plays in background)

 Wendy: "Hi New York...." (video)
Helicopter leaves and Plas play as Wendy runs on stage and greets the crowd

 Tight Black Pants (video)
Band plays an awesome version of 'Tight Black Pants' 

 Nothing (video)
Wendy sings, band plays 'Nothing' with Cadillac, ready for demolition in background


All tracks from the Plasmatics Pier 62 Video (here)


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