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A Little about The Hounds oh and the handlers.




17 Year Old Houston Man Kills U.S. Mail Carrier.

Constable C.B. Wiley, Head Trainer Said Two Man Trailing Blood Hounds from the Van Zandt County BloodHound Team Were Flown to Houston, Texas on Friday June 8. In the past at the Request of the Houston Branch of the US Postal Service. Inspector Tony Coleman Meet the Team at the Airport. They Were to Search for a Missing Postal Carrier Who Had Failed to Return for Routes. The Carriers Car Had Been Found and the Dogs Scented from the Locked Car. The BloodHounds From Here Tracked to Each House She Had Delivered Mail to on the Previous Day In the Upper Mid Class Houseing In Southwest Houston. They Stopped at the Last House She Made a Delivery to and Wanted to Enter.  Permission to Search Was Obtained from the Suspects Mother.  Blood Stains and Other Evidence at the House of the 17 Year Old Suspect David Port Were Found. While Waiting to Obtain a Federal Search Warrant to the House The Suspect Showed up in His Car and Sped Away and Was Chased by Local Houston Police and Wrecked out. After Being Stopped He Confessed That He Had Shot the Victim and Placed Her in a Plastic Garbage Bag and Threw Her Body in a Houston Bayou. He Then Led U.S. Postal Inspectors and Houston Police to the Crime Scene. David Port Was Found Guilty of Killing U.S. Postal Carrier Deborah Sue Schatz In Houston, Texas and Sentenced  For Murder to 75 Years.

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