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A Little about The Hounds oh and the handlers.




BloodHounds Follow Scent To Murder Suspect.

Us Postal Service Inspector Ralph Cook Said That BloodHounds Where Flown in From The Van Zandt County BloodHound Team From Texas  To Help In The Search For The Murder Of A Female Postal Employee In Orange County. The Suspect Gabriel Deluca, 18 A Student At The  Orange Coast College Was Arrested And Charged And Found Guilty Of The Murder. "Those Dogs Have Been Used On Over 100 Manhunts. We Flew Them In From Texas Because Of The Expertise of The Tracker, C.B. Wiley Of Wills Point, Texas. "He Was Ask To Step In Early In The Investigation Because The Carrier Was Suspected Of Being Murdered In Some Other Location," Cook Said. These Dogs Traced A Smell From The Murdered Victim, Jean Haxton's Vehicle Nearly 5 Miles To Deluca Neighborhood He Said. The Dogs Have Been Recognized As Expert Witnesses In Texas And 38 Other States And Federal Court As Well. "The Dogs Played A Pivotal Role In The Investigation" Said Postal Inspector Jim Hanney. Who Led The Task Force Investigation In The Slaying Of The First Letter Carrier Killed In California Since 1976. The Dogs Led Investigators To The Suspect, Gabriel Delica, Who Was Convicted Of The Murder.

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Van Zandt County Bloodhound Team
7007 V.Z.C.R. 2120,Rt.1 Wills Point, Tx 75169
Tel: (903)848-7912


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