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  American Brass Band Association-EAST CENTRAL East Central Region serves the province of Ontario, including Metro Toronto, and the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Let us know if you would like to do some association work to further the cause of Brass Bands. Especially needed are provincial representatives.

You need not be a player, but an understanding of this genre will help you serve Brass Bands better.
  Company Headquarters:
G. Thompson

Toronto ON Canada M5B 2B7

E-mail: geraldo46@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: http://www.homestead.com/laguitarraclassica/abbaindex.html
FAX: 416-366-4213

Contact us at :


FAX 416-366-4213

If you are interested in working with us
towards the better understanding of the brass band community in your local, provincial, state or regional area, let us know. We always need interested people to carry the Brass Banding message.