Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla: Journey to Mars

Nikola Tesla: Journey to Mars - Are We Already There?
By Sean Casteel

Jules Verne -- and other early science fiction pioneers -- wrote what was then considered to be far-fetched stories about the exploration of the Moon and the planet Mars. They based their classic literary works, not just on their won fertile imaginations, but on "wild rumors" circulating that such voyages had already been made, accomplished by a group of scientists -- all members of the same secret society.  They had tapped into an unknown power source, using it to facilitate the birth of flight, years before the Wright Brothers.

Contacted by this secret fraternal order, Nikola Tesla furthered their cause, coming up with his own improved method of interplanetary travel, soon to be stolen and used by Adolf Hitler and the New World Order.

Well-known UFO journalist Sean Casteel examines one of the greatest mysteries of our time and comes up with a fresh perspective that will have you reexamining everything you ever thought was true about the space program and the true origins of UFOs!

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The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla
HAARP - Chemtrails and the Secret of Alternative 4
By Tim Swartz

Discredited in his time, Nikola Tesla was made by business competitors and the government to be nothing more than a kook. However, these same conspirators later duplicated and stole many of Tesla's most fabulous inventions which could soon change the course of history.

Nikola Tesla was a man ahead of this time, and may have been the first on earth to receive radio communications with unknown entities from beyond the planet. These communications convinced Tesla that we are not alone in the universe and that planet earth was in the beginnings of massive global warming that could spell doom for the human race.

In his last days, Tesla involved himself with scientific research and invention in an attempt to give mankind a fighting chance against a hopeless future, but no one listened! Read for yourself some of Nikola Tesla's lost notes and papers, much which has never been printed before until now, and learn some of the best kept secrets in our modern era that at one time were considered too incredible to be true.

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Tesla: Man of Mystery
by Michael X

Many have called him a genius, born ahead of his time. Though chosen to share the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physics with Edison, Nikola Tesla refused the award and during his life tore up royalty contracts which would have earned him millions of dollars. Tesla held more than 1200 patents and yet he is one of the most mysterious men who ever lived. Those who knew him say he was not a normal human, but a SUPERMAN, either a reincarnated master - or an ET with superior mental powers placed here to assist in Earth's technological development.


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Nikola Tesla - Free Energy and the White Dove
By Commander X

Here are Top Secret revelations concerning a newly-developed antigravity aircraft currently being tested inside Nevada's remote Area 51, as disclosed by former military intelligence operative who is known only as Commander X. This aircraft, which can fly three times higher and faster than any officially recognized plane or rocket, based upon an invention of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest "free thinkers" of all times. This book also includes full details of the ongoing work of such modern-day inventors as Otis T. Carr, Arthur H. Matthews and Howard Menger, who have perfected alternative methods of propulsion.

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