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Invisibility and Levitation
By Commander X

A former military operative and author of over a dozen best sellers says not only has the intelligence community been able to perfect invisibility through projects such as the philadelphia Experiment and the use of Stealth technology, but that such techniques were actually derived from psychic abilities that are a part of psychic occult and religious lore.

This book offers various techniques that really work, providing the reader with dozens of examples and how-to training courses which takes the subject out of its mystical surroundings and places it in a scientific framework.

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Commander X Files

Never before released military documents involving bizarre experiments on humans by ETs and the New World Order. Huge two pound volume of material.

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The Controllers

We are the property of an alien intelligence! Our planet is a cosmic laboratory and we are but guinea pigs to those who have kept us prisoners on Earth. Humankind continues to face an all-out battle with those who have kept us as their slaves for centuries. Down through history, they have been known by different names: The Soulless Ones, The Elders, The Dero, The Greys, The Illuminati and the Counterfeit Race. Yet, very few know the real identity and purpose of The Controllers, a strange, parallel race that is metaphysically programmed to do evil and, according to authorities, has complete control of our education process, major philanthropic foundations, the banking system, the media, as well as dominant influence over all worldly governments.

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Nikola Tesla - Free Energy and the White Dove

Here are Top Secret revelations concerning a newly-developed antigravity aircraft currently being tested inside Nevada's remote Area 51, as disclosed by former military intelligence operative who is known only as Commander X. This aircraft, which can fly three times higher and faster than any officially recognized plane or rocket, based upon an invention of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest "free thinkers" of all times. This book also includes full details of the ongoing work of such modern-day inventors as Otis T. Carr, Arthur H. Matthews and Howard Menger, who have perfected alternative methods of propulsion.

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Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

Explores the mysterious disappearances of Navy ship; brainwashing by the military; involvement by Einstein and Nikola Tesla. A survivor of this notorious experiment, Alfred Bielek, tells his remarkable story of a career of brainwashing by the military, and how he eventually came to unlock the mysterious facts about what happened to him decades ago. Also revealed is the case of famed scientist Dr. Morris K. Jessup, who died under mysterious circumstances.

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Incredible Technologies of the New World Order: UFOs-Tesla-Area 51

Incredible array of electromagnetic transmitters currently in operation by the New World Order for purposes of global mind control. Tesla, HAARP, ultrasound, time travel, dimensional manipulations. One of Commander X's most popular books!

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