Voice Lessons
There are numerous objectives and benefits for having professional voice training.  The prime objective is to train the voice while maintaining vocal health and proper musicianship.  The student will be able to accomplish vocal strength, agility, range, and breath management.  It is Dr. Williamson's mission to guide professional or aspiring singers toward a healthier and more substantial voice through appropriate individual training encompassing vocal knowledge and skills, applying the varied facets of musicianship, and focusing on the student's specific professional goals.  

"I work with singers much in the same way as a sports-trainer works with an athlete.  First, the muscles involved with the voice are strengthened and coordinated by exercises which do not interfere with 'style.'  Second, all additional muscles (the trouble makers) are relaxed.  The result is vocal strength and flexibility which allows each student to be able to sing from the heart rather than the head."  -- Barry Williamson

Call (512) 445-6151 or e-mail Dr. Williamson at txconsort@msn.com for rates and availability.