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Mier Indor Chairman & Founder of the T.V.A

The Story Of A Jewish Freedom Fighter and his Battle Against Terror

Lieutenant Colonel Meir Indor ,50,One of the first commanders of an idf espionage unit fighting terror in Gaza and Chairman of the Terror Victims Association in israel,isthe son of Holocaust survivors from poland.Twice wounded in battle,his military career includes service in the Six-Day War,War of Attrition,Yom Kippur War,Litani Champaign Operation Peace for Galilee.

1979 Founded atzmona,a settlement in the Gaza Strip.

1980 Set up the Hebron Fund

1981 Established Saral-Volunteers for Israel

1984 Set up the Habaita Organization to assist Sovit Jewry

1985 Launched the IDF Shomer Israel Project (that he commands to this day)

1986 Established the Terror Victims Association

Indor is married to a nurse of Moroccan orgin .They have six daughters and one grandson.Indor,a former Cheif of Operations for Gush Emunim lives in Jerusalem ans serves as a key personality in the Zionist National camp.

founded in 1986 by Lt.Col.Meir Indor and other terror victims,Terror Victims Assoc.(TVA) is the Grass roots movement spearheading the ongoing campaign against terrorism TVA is comprised of terror victims and their families .Since 1988 over 188,000 acts of terror have been committed in Israel alone!

Organize weekends for the families of the victims

Visits the injured -Bikur Cholim

Helps take care of children and household needs

Organizes social gatherings for the victim's families such as birthdays and outings

Organizes memorial serrvices

Last UpDate 21/7/1998

Terror Victims Association Inc. (t.v.a)