The Terror Victims Association was founded in 1986 in response to the release of a thousand terrorists by the Israely goverment of the time. The Terror victims began to petition to the Supreme court against the freeing of convicted terrorists.After meeting each other on many separate occasions they decided to group together and work in unison.Terror Victims Association became a support group composed of the victims themselves ,whose aim was to provide support to each other in situations where help was not provided by goverment programs.Consider for example a young boy whose parents were killed by terrorists and was left with only his grandfather .Leggally his grandfather is his guardian yet he is really not capable of providing the care and attention the young boy needs.The Terror Victims Association stepped in to fill the gap and provide for the young boy's special needs.

With the increase of terrorists at large so too did the incidents of acts of terror rise and with it the need for a support group for the victims.Unlike the miltary where families of injured or killed soldiers are visited on a regular basis by the unit's social workers to keep a connection between the unit and the families there is no real framework set up by the goverment to deal with terror victims families.Terror Association organized a network of volunteers to visit the families of the victims .Although the Association does not have the funds to employ social workers to visit all the families,there are a number of prominent social workers who volunteer their time to instruct the young volunteers in how to go about thier work.This network of volunteers is headed by Reb Natan Rosenberg the head of the computer department in the municipality of Beit Shemesh and includes such respected members as Rebetzin Hadari .The project has been very successfull and there are now many volunteers who bring toys,smiles and comfort to the victims' families on a regular basis.

In memory of the victims of terror a number of ther projects have been established.There is YESHA'LE ,a rest stop set up in the central bus station to provide comfort and shelter for soldiers and settlers traveling to YESHA yehuda and Shomron.As transportation to the settlements is sporadic and difficult and the bus stop a tempting target for terrorists,Yesha'le is a welcome and much appreciated spot where travlers can relax in either an air conditioned or heated area and receive free refreshments while waiting for their bus.Permission has recently been granted by the municipality to build two more such shelters equipped with bullet proof glass at the French Hill junction-the site of a recent terrorist attack and at the exit to Chevron and Kiryat Arba.

There is also a program to find jobs for Russian immigrants.The Terror Victims has a work bank of over 4000 names and has been successful in matching hundreds of Olim to appropriate and meaningful employment.There is also a machsan of three containers of furniture for Russian immigrants.

Shomer Yisrael is a volunteer program where young men and women from aboad come to israel to spend time in the army and sherut leumi.They receive two to four weeks of training and then spend twenty-one days in service.The programs allow youths from aboard to develop life time connections to the land of israel and contribute to their country a personal and meaningful way

Chasifax is a daily news bulletin which is sent via fax each morning to one hundred and seventeen schools , moshavim and yishuvim through out the country.It is an educational news paper utilized by the teachers to help teach students to analyze the media and understand the truths that lay beyond the words they read in the regular newspapers.It is also by e mail to those interested in chutz laaretz .

Due to the rise in terrorist acts,over the past half a year the Terror Victims Association has unfortunately been very busy.Support groups are stretched to their limits to try and provide physical and emotional help to the victims and their families .Many political acts are undertaken to help the victims come to grips with their situation and help them release pent up tensions and resentment and feel that the murderers are receiving some form of retribution for their acts.The Terror Victims Association cannot work alone on behalf of the nation.They require the support and financial assistance of the general public in order to succeed in their vital work.

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