Current News as of July 17th, 2001


·  Enjoy your holidays!

·  Welcome to the year 2001, hoped you all enjoyed it!

·  Java code will soon be incorporated into this site, so it won't be as "friendly" to text browsers... sorry, had to give it a new and better look

·  This site will soon get a *MAJOR* site redesign, but in the mean time please take a sec and vote on what Internet Browser you're using so I can optimize it.

·  New Email Address! The new address is

·  I've also received numerous requests to link to your homepage, I will do that asap but it would be much easier and faster if you could email me again, with the HTML code so I can just copy and paste it in...

·  You can visit this site from this URL too:

·  Awarded "Best Of Pod" by Tripod =) Best Of Pod '98

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