1.How many of the recent Olympic games had not been held (1896-2000)?

2.In which years did London host the Olympic games?

3.How many countries competed in the first Olympic games (1896, Athens)?

4.In which year was the IAAF founded?

5.How many world records did Daley Thompson set?

6.How many outdoor world records did Sergey Bubka set?

7.Appoximately how fast in miles per hour (to the nearest 10 m.p.h) are javelins traveling at the point of release when thrown by the worlds top male throwers?

8.What is the legal wind speed in multi-events? m/s

9.Jesse Owens Long jump world record is the longest standing world record, but for how many years did it remain unbroken?

10.In 1996 the Boston marathon set a record for the highest number of finishers in a marathon, but how many finished?