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Contact us
To contact the Robins Ranch:

Westies e-mail is

Alaskan Malamutes e-mail is

The Cairn's e-mail is

Phone number - 208-245-5433 to leave a message.
Please speak slowly and loud as I have a poor hearing.
   We are seldom near the phone
 e-mails are checked daily
However, due to the 800 - 1300 e-mails that arrive daily
It can take up to a week to receive a reply.
Your e-mail is important to me and you will be answered.
on occasion when we receive an over abundance, e-mails have been lost.
If you feel this may have happened to your e-mail, please just send it to me again.
thank you

The Robins Ranch
PO Box 487, Fernwood, Id. 83830