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Policies and Requirements
We offer a lifetime health guarantee  for any Life threatening genetic illness, due to our breeding.
If this terrible problem should occur:
We will need to receive signed documentation of the prognosis from 2 separate Veterinarians.
Then at that time, we will replace your puppy ( as soon as one becomes   available )  with one as nice, if not nicer. With no cost to you.
( with possible exception on shipping )
We will not ask for your current puppy to be returned, as some do...
We understand the attachment you have made with your puppy and your decisions for him or her, should be up to you.

If for some unforeseen reason, you have to part with your Robins Ranch puppy- We require the first right and refusal to your puppy.
We feel best about bringing your puppy back and we are qualified, if needed, to place your puppy in another wonderful & loving home.
At this time, we can discuss the possibilities of you obtaining another Robins Ranch puppy at a more convenient time or a possible consignment.

It is necessary that if you have children, they are taught to be kind to the puppy and respect it's needs.( children's references may be required )
A Loving - safe - home is mandatory!  
You must have quality time for a new pup and researched to obtain a qualified Veterinarian, before your puppy arrives.
You may be asked for references and if sometime we are in the area, We would like to call you and receive permission to come for a visit.

Your puppy will have all vaccinations required for his or her age.
Only the best of vaccines will be administered.
Your puppy will also be wormed as many times as necessary for his or her age.
A check up at the vet will also be provided, prior to you receiving your puppy.

If your puppy is to be your companion only,
After 6 months of age, your puppy must be neutered or spayed.
A documentation of altering, from your Veterinarian must be received by the Robins Ranch.
At this time your AKC limited registration application will be sent to you.

Deposits are excepted ( US funds only ) to hold a position in a litter or upcoming litter. In the amount of $250.00 for companions.
However, you must be excepted as a potential new parent for one of our babies, prior to sending a deposit.

Possible Show Puppy, Provision
On Occasion we have a new family who would like to pursue showing their new puppy.
After we have discussed and agreed on this possibility,  The following events must take place to ensure a full AKC registration:
The new owners must keep in frequent touch with me ( once per month ), including pictures.
When the puppy is between the ages of 6 months to one year old, if the new owners would still like to pursue showing their puppy, then the puppy must have an evaluation from an AKC Judge or A Qualified Successful (show) breeder or A Qualified Professional Handler.
All of the Professionals above stated will have to be considered qualified in your breed.
If your puppy passes the evaluation, then we need to discuss how you will proceed.  You will be required to pay the balance owed to have your puppy's full AKC registration, instead of the limited.  Then I need to know what your plans are,
Whether, you will show the puppy yourself or hire a handler to do it for you.
I am only a phone call or e-mail away and will assist you in any way I can.
The puppy must be shown and successful at accumulating AKC points towards a Championship before any Breeding of this puppy takes place.

Your deposit is not refundable if you simply " Change your Mind " find a puppy closer to your area or a puppy that you can obtain sooner, etc..
This is because of all the hopeful, potential, new puppy owners, we will be turning away.
However, if we do NOT have the desired gender you want. Your deposit is refundable or you can choose to wait for another litter. The choice will be yours.

The shipping and/or picking up of your new puppy is your responsibility.
If you are planning to fly your new puppy, you will need :
a Crate, large enough for your puppy to have 2 inches clearance above his or her head, there must be enough room for the puppy to turn around easily.
The crate must have 2 dishes that attach to the door,  the door must have a secure latch.
A soft blanket for snuggling in, several toys ( one stuffed is good for companionship ) and several chew toys.
You can refer to the Shopping and Puppy tips page for help.
Your puppy, if flying will also need a health certificate.
I will make all the arrangements for your flight, I will search until I find the shortest and least amount of stops on  flight  that is possible.
We only use Delta's Pet First, Northwest VIP and Alaskan/Horizon for short flights.
I will also make the Vet appointment and have your baby's physical done and health certificate issued.
A flight can run from 98.00 - 275.00
A health certificate is 35.00
However, If you are back east, we prefer that you fly into Spokane WA. and hand carry the baby back in the cabin with you.

Once your puppy has arrived at it's new home, We ask that you please give us a call and let us know that he/she is safe and is doing well.

We guarantee : Your new puppy will have been
spoiled, loved, held  and played with, given the best of nutrition, vaccines, wormings and shelter.

This "Policies and Requirements" document must be signed and sent to the Robins Ranch along with your deposit in order to reserve a puppy.
Once you have been Approved.

The Robins Ranch
Jennifer Robins
P.O. Box 487,  310 Mountain View Drive,
Fernwood, Id. 83830

It can be printed and signed or you can request it to be e-mailed to you.
Upon the signing of your name(s)
You agree with and understand this document in it's entirety.



Possible Show Prospect ____
Amount due after show requirements are met.
Companion only ____

ing(please check one of the above * Show Prospect or Companion Only)

Original Balanced owed._____________ before the puppy leaves The Robins Ranch.

Deposit amount enclosed $___________ Which will be deducted from your original balance owed.

name - address - phone number - e-mail address






In the event of breech of this contract, the new puppy owner(s) also agree(s) to pay reasonable attorney's fees for consultation and / or litigation, including all expenses as may be necessary.  Further, in the event of litigation, owner(s) agree(s) that jurisdiction and venue shall be deemed to be in the county of Benewah, State of Idaho, unless the breeder chooses to waive this jurisdictional and venue requirement.