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32 Years of Dedication and Compassion.
The Best of care: Medical, Physical, Nutritional and Mental. Combined with an unconditional Love
in this Family Ranch environment.
Each one: Retirees, show or our "just for fun friends" are treated equal.
Our litters are few, but the puppies we have are obnoxiously spoiled!
Handled, played with, kissed and hugged and mannered to ensure a well balanced, secure and loyal friend for many quality years to come!

We believe in keeping the standards,  Capability and Beauty.
Intelligence & playfulness
Affectionate & Loyal

On a personal note"  " I can't express in words what these kids mean to me... except they are my family and my BEST friends"
I don't just " Love them " I adore them!
I spend 15-17 hours everyday with them, , because they desrve every minute...
And it takes a while, to kiss and hug and play with everyone!
To place these puppies is a very hard job, I want to keep them all!
They're new home must be wonderful, with out a doubt.

Come in  and see our wonderful kids!